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What's happening at Revival 2014?

miniClick here to find out what's is happening at Revival 2014 - all there is to know in one easy place. This page will be updated with new information as and when it becomes avaialble over the next few weeks so keep checking back. 





John Romero to attend Revival


Revival Retro Events are proud to announce that John Romero (the creator of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake) will be attending Revival Retro Events on the 9th August at Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton.


Newsfield Coming to Revival 2014

miniRevival Retro Events are proud to announce the Newsfield Publications gang are coming to Revival 2014 for a Q/A panel.

The gang will also be signing A3 cover prints of issues of Crash, Zzap and Amtix - if there is a particular print you would like then leave a message in the comments below.


Revival Membership Card

miniRevival Retro Events are proud to announce our Revival 2014 membership card.

We have 500 of these cards to give to those who buy an early 'Early Bird' ticket for our Revival 2014 August event - these cards will only be available for FREE until the end of February 2014.


Revival Mini - 7th/8th December 2013

miniRevival Retro Events are proud to announce Revival Mini 2013 at the Kenilworth Sports & Social Club in Kenilworth over the weekend of the 7th and 8th December 2013.

We will have over 30 arcade machines, a selection of pinball machines and over 50 retro consoles and computers to play on - all on FREEPLAY, so just the price of the ticket to get in. 


Upcoming Events

  • Revival 2014

    AUG 9, 2014 Wolverhampton Race, Course, Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton

    AUG 9

Revival Shoutbox

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Chris: It may already be with you...as they were all sent out this week.
Guest_9465: Please can someone advise who I contact at Revival? I have sent two emails to chris@revivalretroevents.com and have had no response. I assume this is incorrect? Thanks for helping me :)
Chris: I check the e-mail daily - who is this and what was the e-mail regarding?
shakeel.goulthorp@li: hi chris
shakeel.goulthorp@li: I think I selected the wrong date for the tickets I have just purchased. i bought 6 tickets for Saturday 9th August, but wanted the tickets for the Sunday 10th August instead.

Can this be amended please?

Many thanks.
shakeel.goulthorp: I still haven't had a reply from you regarding the above. I've sent messages on Facebook and sent two emails and haven't had a reply from you. Have you got a contact phone number?
shakeel.goulthorp@li: O.O
Guest_6526: Hi Shakeel - the tickets as they are will be fine if you come on the Sunday - they will be scanned and will be OK.
CLU1982: Hi. Bought my ticket back in December but haven't received any word on my Membership Card. Just wondering if I should have heard anything yet. Cheers.
Chris: Will be sorting out membership cards this month :)
CLU1982: Hi again. How's it going with the membership cards? Still not had any word. Thanks.
Guest_5161: Does RevivalRetroEvents let Xbox 360 games into their events?
Simon: @Guest_5161 - We don't normally as the Xbox360 isn't Retro - but if the game has strong links to a retro franchise we may make an exception. We did have some Xbox360s with some SEGA content last year.
CLU1982: Membership Cards? Anyone?
Chris: E-mails will have gone out to all those who have bought a ticket - so those who are entitled for a membership card, please follow the instructions.
Guest_5919: If folks decide to pick membership cards up on the day - will they have to wait in a seperate cue to enter an hour early along with possibly the other 500 folks who booked early and also get to enter an hour before normal paying customers? just wondering how that will work of a majority of people do decide to pick up the membership card on the day. :)
Guest_8566: hi ?
Guest_6034: Hi
Guest_5116: this sounds awesome!
Guest_5884: Hello is this Holiday Inn Garden Court Wolverhampton hotel close to the venue?
Chris: Yes, it is a part of the complex :D
Guest_9671: Sometimes I pretend that I am squashing peoples heads with my fingers in crowds from a distance.
Guest_5884: Great stuff!
SeeD32: Chris, i have sent you a mail about my History Of Ocean order, but not yet had a reply, if you are busy then it's fine, but I read above that you check e-mails daily. Can my order be for pdf only without mailing the magazine?
Guest_7345: hi what are the start and finish times for each day
bmb : hi guys, would it be okay to bring my camera to take photos? don't mind sharing them with you guys, but I am one of those types you see with multiple camera's and lens so tends to draw attention, so prefer to ask before bringing it and potentially being asked to leave it in the car.
Guest_1657: Is there going to be traders there?
BRomero: Excited to visit the conference and looking forward to some deathmatching with John!
Romero: It's going to be a great time in Wolverhampton! What a great name, too. Why didn't I name the game Wolverhampton 3D? :)
tonysteeden@btopenwo: Looking forward to this event.
boyo: Hi guys - will be putting up a page on here in the next few days with ALL the details of the event :D
ace9094: 4 of us coming this year, booked hotel last year in anticipation ! I seriously hope are is a Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat arcade machines.... They are a must !
Guest_5256: Anyone recommend places to stay? Me and my dad trying to find places nearby, thanks
Craig: bmb, yes you are welcome to take as many pictures as you want, and we encourage you to take the best and share them - see our albums on this site showing past visitors' photos and videos
Craig: guest5256, there are several large hotels within just a mile of the venue, and a few more if you go a little further afield. the Holiday Inn on-site is already booked, but try the Premier Inn (city centre, on the train station), Travel Lodge (city centre, near West Park), Novotel (city centre, metro island), and Britannia Hotel (city centre, next to the bus station)
Craig: guest1657, there will be around 15-20 traders, so plenty to choose from!


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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