Virtual Event Ideas for Corporates

During the current pandemic situation, most of the companies cannot conduct their traditional get-togethers where the team gathers around to welcome new members and get involved in fun activities. Such events work as great team-building exercises for the teams. It improves human interaction and allows team members to know their colleagues better. Since the real team gatherings are on hold, the corporate event management teams need to look for alternate ideas to create team interactions and fun activities. Here are some fresh virtual event ideas that can do great in online team meetings.

Virtual conferences

Virtual conferences can be conducted for the team members that share similar ideas. The event management team can send invitations to attend or take part in the conferences. It is a unique approach for teams that are looking for productive events to help the teams learn about new technology and opportunities in the field. The management can also offer incentives to the members who attend and present at the conference to encourage more people for informative group sessions.

Virtual conferences

Online workshops

Online workshops can also be an encouraging platform for team members to learn new things from professionals. A usual workshop can last from an hour to a three-hour session. The workshops can include quizzes, presentations, and introducing new tools to the team members with a session provided by the tool provider. Workshop sessions are a great way to share knowledge with new members and also engage them in active learning sessions that are live and fun.

Digital entertainment

Work from home for the employees should not stop them from enjoying some time together, listening to good music, or a hilarious stand-up comedy session. There are event management agencies today that are providing online events with different artists. These sessions take place on online video conferences where the artist performs live while being connected to the team through a video call. There are some other entertainment options like scavenger hunts, live stream theatre performances, and games like bingo where everyone can participate.

Digital entertainment

Health and wellbeings sessions

During the present work from home routine, we may forget to take care of our health. It is important that the entire team is taking care of their physical and mental wellbeing. The management can conduct wellbeing sessions to check on the stress and anxiety problems that the team may feel while being isolated at their homes. There are several professionals willing to provide online workout and mindfulness classes to motivate team members. It can help the team members to keep an active body and mind while keeping things exciting. There are several yoga sessions, tai chi sessions, and even some energizing activities that include boxing and workouts. Since everything will take place online and the team members will have to arrange the space for themselves in your room or terrace, these sessions will not cost any money on the space and arrangements required for the classes.

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