Revival Weekenders

This event is the first in a series of bi-monthly events being held at the dedicated premises in Wolverhampton, and will feature the very best of exhibits you have come to expect from Revival Retro Events! The premiere show will feature:









– 40+ arcade machines, all on free play, featuring a mixture of classics, environmental, multi-game and unique custom builds for all tastes
– Around 50 playable retro consoles and systems, from the 70’s right through to the 2000’s
– Multiplayer projector setups, featuring the best in local multiplayer gaming
– Fully licenced bar and bar snacks available
– 3 floors of entertainment, with games suitable for kids right up to adults and all gaming tastes
– Accessible city-centre location with huge selection of hotels, food, pubs and nightlife right on the doorstep. If you’ve been to Wolverhampton before you’ll know it’s very accessible, with transport links right into the heart!
– Lounging areas, free jukebox and full nightclub lighting for the best arcade and social atmosphere!

If you’ve been to an RRE event before you should come and see this exciting new show and enjoy a pure gaming experience in this new dedicated venue, and if you’ve never been before, come and see what you are missing!