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How to Find an Event Management Company for Hosting Great Events

Whether it is a corporate occasion or a family function, planning things can get really daunting when not done properly. You alone cannot manage everything from food for the guests to the day’s main event, seating arrangements, goodies, etc. You will need a second person who can help you manage things, and it is better to have a professional to do the job. You can either hire independent event planners or get an event management agency to plan the entire party or event for you. It is important to find a reliable event planner that can give you value for money with the best event ideas. When you are looking for an event management agent or company, these tips will help you.

Check for referrals

If you have any friends and colleagues who can refer you to some good event planners, you can quickly narrow down your research. It is better to have more options before you can pick a service that will do as it promises. It will save time and money to have others bring you some options rather than sitting and searching for some. You will still have to do further research as the recommendations that helped others may not be satisfactory for you.


Check the portfolio

Interview the agencies that you have shortlisted and ask for their portfolio. Find out how they planned and successfully hosted the previous events. Check for the reviews of people that hired the agents to plan their events. Care for only their most recent works to know their level of arrangements, contacts, and ideas. It is important that the event agency lives up to the expectations that they promise.

Communicate your ideas

Make sure that the agency understands your demands and expectations from the event. It is a relationship between you and your agent that you should nurture so that any immediate requests of your gets fulfilled on time. Let your agent know the dates and location of the event. Let them come and visit the venue as many times as they want so they can inspect and plan a proper arrangement.

Communicate your ideas

Discuss the fees

Request your agent for an estimate for the entire event and their fees. Ensure that if you call them for an inspection of the venue, you ask them if they charge for it. Ask whether they charge a separate fee for their work or offer an overall package that includes catering, seating, entertainment, transport, and hospitality. Ensuring all fees involved in the event will ensure that you do not receive any surprises on extra payments in the future. Check for the mode of payments that they accept.

Check for contingency plans

In case you want to cancel or postpone your plans, you must make sure that you receive a negotiable refund policy based on the hours of work that your planner has put in. A good event management agency should offer a back up that can save most of your money. They should also provide liability insurance in case any damages occur on the day of the event.

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