Revival Mini

Revival Mini

Back in the 2005 I organised my first retro event called, ‘The Retro Ball’, which I held across the road from me in ‘The Wardens’ cricket club. We had 20 arcade cabinets a big selection of pinball tables, some pachinkos and a couple of traders – Retro Passion (who no longer trade) and Console Passion who now run the Play event. Celebrity guests included Archer Maclean, Philip Oliver, Andrew Oliver, Jon Hare, the late Richard Joseph, David Whittaker and Rob Hubbard.

The event was for the ‘Everyman’ charity and over £1,000 was raised for this great cause. To complment our main Revival Event that will take place every May, we are going to hold a Revival Mini each November at ‘The Wardens’ cricket club venue. The event will take place over a weekend like our flagship event, and comprise of arcade cabinets, retro computers and consoles, competitions and the atmposphere if have now come to expect from one of our events.

There will only be 200-250 tickets on sale (we did say it was a ‘mini’!) and we hope to have them on sale in a few weeks time. We will have a great compliment of retro for visitors to play on, just like we had at Revival in May and the Retro Ball in 2005. We will post more information in regards to the event as we progress further. The date is not 100% confimred, but we hope for it to take place place in November and be supporting the Children in Need Charity.

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